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Chris C. Landy


Chris is editor of the Utah Herald since 1998. Author of “The Math Cycles and the Stock Market.”


Mark G. Starkey


Mark is a financial journalist. He is interested in S&P 500, precious metals, and gold especially. Avi is a founder of trading forum. Its main focus is on the Elliott Wave trading market. The forum has more than 3500 official members and almost 500 manager clients.
Mark likes to read trading charts and makes his own analysis. By training he is lawyer and also an accountant. He earned Juris Doctorate in Harvard School. After that he moved to Virginia, to receive masters of law.
During a long time, he worked as a main partner and director in a leading national company. He earned billions of dollars for this company. After he understood that the time has come to start his own business he retired.

Thomas B. Nissen


Thomas B. Nissen is a retired investor, who works with closed end funds, provides portfolio strategies and teaches dividend investing.
He retired 3 years ago, finishing 30 years career in science. He is a professor. He worked for leading Research University. He still likes to teach students, and prefer to write for traders and investors.
Thomas says that this is the only way for him to learn more. He teaches students and learns something new about investing every day.
During his work at the University he had a lot of practice working with foreign projects. And now he wants to teach others how to create profitable portfolio, and how to act at the market.

Jason A. Carbone


Jason’s main sphere of interest is dividend investing. He is successful research strategist. Almost 4 years ago he has retired from doing service analysis in New York. After that he moved to Orlando, Florida. Bored from resting, Jason has found himself in writing analytical papers.
He is very interested in the long term investments, trading systems and capital preservation. He is full of ideas for business and likes to share them in his blog.
His articles are about dividend yields, cash flow yields, and total returns in one year. According to Jason, he helped many of his readers to reach success.

Samuel H. Clay


The main attraction for Samuel in business area is long-term horizon and dividends. He is a successful financial writer. He has his own websites with advices for businessmen.
The title of his book “Living Without Money Problems” speaks for itself.
Also, Samuel is a Vice President and the head manager at RMTE Inc., the company focused on money management. And this is not all. He is also a Vice President of financial software group FACT.
Samuel started his career as an investment’s analyst in a sector of private real estate for a public fund of pension. He helped to double an income to this company. He received his masters’ degree in Los Angeles, at Anderson School of Management.

Gregory S. Stlouis


Gregory has 40 years of experience in the individual shares investing. He was a CEO and leading analyst for several mid and small size companies. After his retirement, he focused on his own blog. Gregory wrote hundreds of useful articles about finances and economy. His main focus is on the catalysts and value of price action and biotechnologies.
He has experience as a physician and inventor for the pharmaceutical field.